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Brickl Brothers is committed to a safe and orderly worksite.Safety

At Brickl Bros., the safety of our company employees, from field crews to management, is one of our highest priorities. With one of the best building contractor safety programs in the La Crosse area, we constantly monitor our safety policies and do routine jobsite safety inspections of our projects on an ongoing basis. 

Brickl Bros. is committed to a safe and orderly work site. Our written Safety Program covers many important topics including:

  • Personal protective equipment policy
  • Job safety manuals
  • Safety training programs
  • Weekly safety reports

In addition to stressing the need for a safe working environment, Brickl Bros. has as a company-wide ZERO TOLERANCE Safety program which is followed by company management, construction operations management, field supervisors and crew personnel.

Brickl Bros. ensures all employees know the mandated personal safety rules prior to beginning work. New employees are educated on safety policies through a company orientation program, which includes the personal protective safety gear required. At orientation, employees receive an employee handbook as a written reference of the safety policies. In order to stay up-to-date on current safety codes and company safety policy, all Brickl Bros. field employees are required to attend an OSHA 10-hour safety class twice a year.

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