Careers at Brickl Bros. – Become an Employee-Owner

Building Your Career Path

Brickl Bros. is committed to providing challenging career opportunities, excellent benefits, on the job training, and a family work environment. Individual initiative and ability play a major role in determining your career development. Employee-owners have the opportunity to advance into positions of greater responsibility. A crew member may be interested in becoming a draftsman, an estimator, or advancing into a project superintendent or project management position. A draftsman or estimator may wish to become a design/sales consultant. A crew member can also advance within his crew and become assistant foreman or foreman.

These are just a few examples of how Brickl Bros. employee-owners can gain more responsibility and income, and move into higher level positions. As a company, we believe in promoting from within whenever possible. No matter your background, once you become an employee-owner at our company, you will gain experience and training, and based on your individual career objectives, provided with opportunities for greater responsibility.

Brickl Bros. maintains a formal performance review program to ensure that your career development is both beneficial to you and to the company. Your progress and performance are evaluated and you participate directly in your reviews. We encourage you to express your career goals, concerns, and any other issues that may affect your position. We seek to ensure that employee-owners are satisfied with their work and that we continue to provide opportunities for career growth. Our ability to attract and develop our employee-owners is what makes us the area’s Design-Build Leader.

Workplace Safety Focus

At Brickl Bros., we provide a safe and healthful workplace by maintaining a company safety program. All field employee-owners follow practical safety procedures and guidelines concerning safety gear and equipment, and all field personnel attend OSHA safety classes twice per year. The safety programming is calibrated to ensure that our employee-owners remain aware of up-to-date safety codes and policies.

Employee-Owner Benefits Package

You will find that Brickl Bros. offers salary and hourly wages that are competitive or higher than industry standards. Employment with our company is at will, which means that (in most cases) there is no employment contract between the employer and employee and either one can terminate employment at any time. We offer a progressive employee-owner benefit program that provides:

  • Medical, Dental and Life Insurance
  • 401k Savings Plan
  • Profit Sharing Pension Plan entirely funded by Brickl Bros.
  • Flexible Reimbursement Plan for health and dependent care expenses
  • Paid time off and holidays
  • Weekly paid periods
  • Employee-Owner Recruitment Program

When we work on an out-of-town project, employee-owners are paid for travel time to the job site. We provide a meal allowance for all employee-owners working out of town in addition to covering motel expenses. Field employee-owners can travel to job sites in company vehicles eliminating the wear and tear on an employee-owner’s own vehicle. Crews work standard 4 day work weeks when out of town, which allows for three day weekends to take care of personal business and spend quality time with families.

We conduct regular performance reviews and provide advancement opportunities. New employee-owners are reviewed at 60 days, at 120 days, and at 180 days. Reviews are then scheduled on an annual basis. During the review process, we assess your performance, discuss your strengths and weaknesses, and we listen to your suggestions, concerns, and ideas for improvement. Your comments and participation are important – as an employee-owner, your opinion and input matters.

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