Why choose Brickl Bros. to design-build your next project? Here are three great reasons…

  • True Design-Build

    One of the most important attributes setting our company apart from other general contractors is something we call True Design-Build, which is our ability to take a project from concept through to completion without the need to hire third-party design and structural engineering contractors. We don’t need to hire them because we already have them on staff, working alongside and in lockstep with project managers, superintendents, estimators, carpenters, steel erectors and concrete professionals. Combined, our design and engineering staff have over 220 years of building experience and have worked on nearly every conceivable building project type you’ll find in the upper Midwest.

    We’ve continued to make the investment in True Design-Build capabilities because we know from experience that a tight, cohesive team increases quality, reduces time-to-market and project costs, and improves customer satisfaction.

    Of course, there are some projects that may benefit from external specialists, and sometimes clients have existing relationships with specific architects and engineers. In those cases, we’re happy to partner with anyone for the benefit of a desirable result.

  • Uncommon Solidity

    In many cases, when our clients invest in new building projects, in may be the single biggest expenditure they’ll ever have – perhaps many times larger than their home. Of course, with such a large investment, it’s important to partner with a contractor that can be trusted to do a good job and to finish the project on time, but it’s also important to know the contractor will be there for support after the construction is complete.

    Brickl Bros. offers a one-year warranty on materials and workmanship. On the day your project is completed, we schedule an 11-month walk-through meeting, where we inspect the building for any items that need remediation so that we can address them before the warranty period expires instead of afterward. That’s how we would prefer for our contractors and vendors to treat us, and that’s how we prefer to treat you.

    If post-construction support is important to you – and it should be – the fact that we have been in continual operation for over 50 years should come as a comfort, and it also sets us apart from the pack.

  • Business by the Golden Rule

    For the past half-century, the owners and employees (now employee-owners) at Brickl Bros. have arrived at work each day not only looking forward to exciting new challenges and opportunities, we’ve also looked forward to establishing durable, trusting relationships with each other, our clients, and our subcontractors and vendors.

    We believe in conducting business by The Golden Rule – treating everyone we meet as we would prefer to be treated ourselves. It’s a simple rule, but one that’s sometimes forgotten in today’s world.

    Do you prefer to be treated with dignity and respect? With honesty and humility? Do you lend a hand when people need it and appreciate a hand in return? Provide a solid day’s work for a fair wage and a fair wage for a solid day’s work? If you do, then we’d like to work with you, and we hope you’ll want to work with us, too.

“At Brickl Bros, we believe a true design/build concept begins by establishing a solid working relationship with our customers. It is important to know our prospective customers; who they are, where they’ve been, where they are now, and their vision for the future. In this manner, we can truly be a partner with our customers in obtaining their vision for the future.”

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